Bernier, Louis Professor


Université Laval, Département des sciences du bois et de la forêt

Louis is a plant pathologist specialized in the study of fungi and their interactions with trees. He works on several pathosystems including Dutch elm disease. In recent years, he became interested in fungal endophytes of forest trees. These organisms are part of the tree microbiome and contribute to the extended phenotype of their host. In the DREAM-QC project, Louis and his team will identify fungi and bacteria associated with leaves and rhizosphere of sugar maple, red oak and black cherry saplings, and verify whether these components of the microbiome are influenced by geographic provenances of the saplings and/or site conditions.

Ph.D. en pathologie forestière, 1988 (University of Toronto)

M.Sc. en pathologie forestière, 1983 (University of Toronto)

B.Sc. en foresterie, 1980 (Université Laval)