Kern, Christel C. Researcher


USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

Christel Kern is a Research Forester and a certified silviculturist for the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station.  Her work includes leading and developing research-management partnerships to address critical knowledge gaps in sustainable forest management for current and anticipated future conditions.  She leads five experimental forests and 80 Research Natural Areas in the northeastern U.S. Christel is a cooperator with the DREAM-Qc and co-leader for the DREAM-WI projects.  DREAM-WI is planned to be established as a field experiment with assisted migration plantings in 2025.

Ph.D., in Natural Resource Science and Management, 2011 (University of Minnesota)
M.Sc. in Natural Resources, 2000 (University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point)
B.Sc. in Biology, 1997 (University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point)