Careful, risk of frost! Results from a student project

Late frost is an important risk for seedlings in the context of assisted migration. Taking advantages of data collected during the 2021 field season, Anne-Julie Parent (U. Laval, B. Sc. Aménagement et environnement forestiers) evaluated how the forest cover and neighbouring vegetation affect the occurrence and intensity of frost on red oak. Her principal results suggest that oaks are more at risk in the clearcut than in the shelterwood treatment, under the cover of mature trees. The control of competing vegetation (see project treatments Québec—Mixedwood forest) did not influence the occurrence or intensity of damage on oaks, but Anne-Julie’s results suggest that vegetation cover around seedlings could reduce the percentage of shoots damaged by frost. Additional data will be collected in 2022 to explore these relationships and confirm these preliminary results.

Congratulations Anne-Julie for your project and for the end of your baccalaureate!