Two new DREAM papers published

Two new papers by members of the DREAM network have recently been published. The first, Synthesis of plant-soil feedback effects on eastern North American tree species: implications for climate-adaptive forestry, was published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution and is a review of the impact of trees on soils and their microbial communities and how these in turn affect trees. Understanding this relationship will help guide effective climate-adaptive forest management.

The second is a concept paper on the DREAM partnership which addresses the objectives of the project, the stages of implementation, presents a case study of two DREAM study sites, and gives an overview of other assisted migration projects completed or underway in North America. Titled “Desired REgeneration through Assisted Migration (DREAM): Implementing a research framework for climate-adaptive silviculture”, the paper will be included in issue 546 of Forest Ecology and Management, but is already available online.